About me
I am an Interior architect , part-time photographer, paragliding enthusiast and travel fanatic. I have followed my passion for architecture all my life.In the past I  attended School of Visual design where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Product Design in 2000. Whilst I was in college I received  a student award with the mark of  excellence.
In 2005 I decided to immigrate to the United Kingdom .Once I arrived here I decided to expand my horizon in international architecture .In 2007 I got my High National Diploma in Product Design .
Since then I had been working as a freelance designer for various  residential  and small  commercial properties until January 2014.
Recently I have got my degree in interior architecture and design at London Metropolitan University. In my spare time I take a keen interest in architectural matters and I practice my sketching skills and especially CAD drawing .
 I take pride in my ability to adapt to the individual requirements and demands of each project in order to deliver a bespoke and unique solution for my design.
 My goal is to improve upon everything I have learnt so far and make a successful Interior Architecture Design Consultancy via my Design .